Alarm doesn't go off!

It doesn't sound!
The alarm rings only when I enter the Rubit app!
 Check it out first!
Please check if the notification setting for the app is ON!
1. Settings > 2. Notifications
3. Roubit
4. Allow Notifications ‘ON’
1.Setting > 2.Notifications > 3.Roubit > 4.Allow Notifications ‘ON’
Alarms are provided through the instrument's their own system. If your phone is on silent mode/Do not disturb mode, the alarm doesn't go off
Please turn off the silent mode (buttons).
Please turn off the Do Not Disturb mode
If the Do Not Disturb mode is set, the alarm starts to sound when the lock screen is released.
Please turn off the Do Not Disturb mode if you want to hear the alarm at the desired time
<Do Not Disturb> OFF, please
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