Alarm doesn't go off!

The alarm doesn't go off in the morning / If you don't touch your cell phone for more than an hour, it automatically goes into power saving mode.
It doesn't sound in power saving mode
When I restart my cell phone, all the alarms don't go off
The alarm goes off just once
When I enter the app, the alarm goes off all together
 Check it out first!
Please check if the notification setting for the app is ON!
1. Hold down the app icon to check ‘the app information’
2. Notifications
3. [Show notifications] ON
1.Hold down the app icon -> App info > 2.Notifications > 3.Show notifications ON
Power saving mode, sleeping mode, Do Not Disturb mode
Battery Optimization / Using the Memory Cleanup App
Power off → Restart
For SKT device use: Safe cleaner functionality for 'T-safe' service
When I have a lot of routines that I set the alarm
For these reasons, Android requires work to remove the Roubit from battery optimization. Please follow the following steps to proceed with the setup :)
Step 1
If you restart your cell phone, please proceed to step 0!

[Step 0] Access the app (required when restarting the cell phone)

[Step 1] Remove from the battery optimization target

(If you didn't do it in the pop-up when installing the app, please do it yourself!))
Roubit App > Setting tab > [MY] > [remove from battery optimization list] Click!
1. [My] page Click!
2. [remove from batter optimization list] Click!
3. [Okay] Click!
4. [Allow] Click!
Can't you find "Remove battery optimization targets" in the Roubit app?
→ How to set up right away from the "instrument system settings!”
Android version 8 and below * Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Battery optimization > [All apps] Click! > Roubit > [Don’t optimize] Click!
1. Settings > [Apps&Notifications] Click!
2. [Advanced] Click!
3. [Special app access] Click!
4. [Battery optimization] Click!
5. [All apps] Click!
6. [Don’t optimize] Click!
Android version 9 or more * Settings > Apps > Menu(Top right) OR “Special app access” Search> [Special app access] Click!> Battery optimization > [All apps] Click! > Roubit(Search available) > [Don’t optimize] Click!
Check out the Android version of my phone
Settings > About phone > Software information > Android version

[Step 2] Check the notification settings (just set it up once!!)

Android version 8 and below * Settings > Apps&Notifications > APPs > Roubit > Notifications > Show notifications ON
Android version 9 or more * Settings > Apps > Roubit (Searchable) > Notifications > Show notifications ON
Did the above method not solve the problem?
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