(August) Store & Mailbox updates!

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Pick the items you want to have!

You can't get the items you want until a long time later... Instead of collecting,
we've added a STORE where you can get the items you want!

Before & After

Before Update - Collect

You could only collect items in a certain order.

After update - Store

You could open boxes in the Store to get items in your favorite theme!

How to use the store

Home screen 'Store' → Check your favorite theme → Use 'Coin' to open boxes → Get random items
'Coin' can be earned every time you level up through carrots!

How to use Fragments

Home screen 'Store’ → 'Fragment Exchange' → Spend Fragments to get the item you want
Click 'Replace Items' to change the list of items that can be exchanged (limited number of times)


Isn't it harder to get items than before?
No, it's not! we've made it about the same or slightly easier to get items than before ^^.
Do you think these extra features will get in the way of doing routines and self-care?
Don't worry, everything in Roubit, including the store, is designed to help you create a healthier life

See messages in your mailbox at a glance!

Now you can easily check your notifications and messages in your mailbox!

Tap the mailbox to see all the letters, exciting carrot gifts, and notifications you've received from Roubit!